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Artist & Architect

Asefeh is an Iranian Multidisciplinary artist / architect. She was born in Tehran-Iran She studied painting and drawing (art) and sculpture starting in 1997. She graduated from Nahavad university in Tehran, in Architecture, and There she completed several architecture projects. Asefeh Moved to Austria where started her studies - stage&costume design, film and exhibition architecture- at the Mozarteum University. She creates in drawing and painting mediums- animations and short films, and video installations. Her works was presented in film festivals (Tricky women in Austria and Barock museum in Salzburg, Uvinal festival in Salzburg festival) as well as in Gallery spaces. In addition, she directed 8 short films and 2 animations. Asefeh believes what art build artist and artist create own in the art and Asefeh has 9 Group painting and drawing Exhibitions and 11 Individual painting and art Exhibitions in Iran, Canada and Austria.


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